With such big titles as Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Resident Evil 4 soon gracing our portable screens, this is the perfect time to re-address your gaming set-up, and Backbone is putting forward a pretty strong argument to join their ranks with a new Backbone One controller and Carrying Case.

Kicking off this new selection of items is the updated Backbone One. The USB-C controllers in Black and PlayStation Edition are equipped with magnetic adapters to ensure your phone doesn’t slip, and a reshaped D-pad to enhance your gameplay whilst maintaining the ergonomics from the older versions. These will fit most Android phones, as well as the new iPhone 15 series thanks to them shifting away from lightning connectors.

In addition to the physical benefits of using these controllers is the Backbone app. After a nice facelift, the free version will allow you to manage your controller and take easy screenshots. Spring for the Backbone+ membership, however, and you will have a truly comprehensive gaming hub, complete with in-app voice and text chat and streaming options.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to any of these portable controllers, or any detachable gadget, is of course care. No point buying one just the have it snap or fall out of your pocket. Luckily, Backbone has now addressed this thanks to the release of their new carrying cases.

Dubbed the Backbone One Carrying Case, these will be available from the Backbone website, Amazon and Best Buy, and are designed to keep your controller safe and efficiently stored in your pockets. There is a standard black version, alongside a special PlayStation Edition in white if, like me, you need all your gadgets to be correctly themed.

The Backbone One and the new carrying case are available to purchase from the official website, Amazon, Best Buy, and other major retailers.

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