Dragon Raja is an upcoming MMORPG from Zulong Games. It’s proven to be an extremely popular title over in China. It’s set in a very cool-looking Cyberpunk world that oozes style. It’s now available for pre-register on Android.

It promises a large open world that will even have day and night cycle alongside other pretty visual effects. It will make use of the UE4 engine so you can expect the shadow and lighting to be of a good standard, which you can catch glimpses of in the trailer below.

The open-world you’ll be playing in is a pleasant mix of old and new tech. Characters wield swords but also sport futuristic looking armour. You’ll also do battle with a variety of fantasy-inspired monsters including the titular dragons who are waking up from a lengthy slumber.

As you might expect with an MMORPG there will be plenty of character customisation options, again which you can see in the trailer above, as well as four classes to choose from. The combat will also be real-time in both PVE and PVP. There will also be PVP battles with support for up to 100 players which, if it works well, would certainly be very impressive.

Dragon Raja is available to pre-register now on Google Play. It will be available to pre-register on iOS soon too and we will update you when you can. Similarly, there’s currently still no official word on the release date, so we’ll let you all know as soon as there is.

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