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Posted by Campbell Bird on November 30th, 2018
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Dragalia Lost might seem like it’s all about the gacha at first, but there’s quite a bit more to the game than just hoping you pull the best Adventurers, dragons, and Wyrmprints, out of the virtual slot machine. If you truly want to master and conquer high level content in this game, it’s more important to know what you’re doing with what you have than just spending time and/or money to try and get a chance at something better.

Take weapons, for instance. Weapons are some of the most important items in Dragalia Lost, yet there’s no random component to them at all. From the start of the game, every player gets the chance to craft and upgrade any and all kinds of weapons that they want, and these are items that are more important than both dragons and Wyrmprints. That said, weapons can use a ton of materials to craft and upgrade, so you want to be judicious about what weapon work you do and when. Check out some tips below to make the most of your weapons in Dragalia Lost.

Skip three-star weapons

There are three tiers of weapons in Dragalia Lost: three-star, four-star, and five-star. Three-star weapons are the weakest weapons in the game, while five-star are the strongest. While it might sound logical to start out your weapon-crafting with the game’s basic weapons, there is little to no reason to craft three-star weapons in Dragalia Lost.

The reason for this is mostly because you get materials to craft four-star weapons so quickly that it’s easy to skip over these lower tier weapons. It’s also because crafting any weapons in Dragalia Lost costs valuable resources, and so skipping three-star weapons lets you save more materials to craft more powerful weapons faster. More on this below.

Go for four-star elementals

If you’re skipping three-star weapons because you want to save materials for the best weapons Dragalia Lost has to offer, then you should jump right to five-star weapons, right? Wrong! Five-star weapons are huge time and resource investments, so much so that you’ll need weapons that are good enough to get you into missions that allow you to farm the materials needed to make them. Hence, four-star weapons are your best bet.

You shouldn’t just be making any old four-star weapons though. No, if you’re going to heavily invest in this tier of weapon, you need to go all the way and make tier three four-star weapons. At the third tier of crafting, all weapons take on elemental properties, and they give additional stat boosts to Adventurers of the same element. These weapons can really boost your Might and allow you to take on almost all of Dragalia Lost’s end game content with no issues. Be careful though. Advancing four-star weapons fo their elemental tier isn’t exactly cheap, either, so you need to be intentional about which weapons you intend to raise up that far.

Five-star base weapons to start

For all of the weapon types you aren’t making into four-star elemental weapons, your next best bet is to make tier one five-star weapons of each type. These weapons are all good enough to get you through just about all of Dragalia Lost’s content (except High Midgardsormr), plus they get you on the road to crafting the absolute best items in the game: five-star elemental weapons.

It’s possible for you to minimize your elemental four-star weapons and skip straight to these five-star basic weapons at first, but this makes Dragalia Lost a little harder, not to mention a little less fun. Crafting five-star elemental weapons takes tons of time and grinding (or money), so if you’re a free player and want elemental weapons at all for the foreseeable future, investing in a few of them and then relying on basic five-star weapons for the rest of your units is the best strategy.

Only make five-star fire weapons (for now)

If you’re going down the road of making five-star elemental weapons, there’s almost no reason to make anything but fire five-star weapons right now. This is because Dragalia Lost’s hardest content right now is the High Midgardsormr Trial, a wind-based mission that favors fire-type Adventurers.

Having a five-star fire weapon equipped to a fire Adventurer gives them a huge leg up in taking on this challenge. If you are going to take this on, also consider which Adventurer you’d want to equip with this weapon. Certain heroes, like Mikoto and Verica, are well-suited for High Midgardsormr, so maybe you try to make a five-star elemental katana or staff.

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