Dragalia Lost - High Midgardsormr Prep Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 14th, 2018
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It might not seem like there's a ton to do between events in Dragalia Lost, but there is one high level piece of content that can keep you occupied for a long time. Defeating High Midgardsormr is currently the game's most difficult non-event challenge, and it can reward dedicated players with their own High Midgardsormr dragon that they can equip to their Adventurers. The only problem with this quest? It's tough, so much so that it requires a hefty 13,000 Might team to even attempt it.

Pumping up your heroes to huge Might levels won't ensure your victory over this powerful dragon boss, though. There's quite a bit of consideration and prep you need to do if you want a high chance of passing High Midgardsormr's Trial. See below for some tips on exactly what you should be doing to earn this powerful dragon:

Get the right Wyrmprint

The major tool you need in your arsenal before you even think about taking on High Midgardsormr is a Wyrmprint called Glorious Tempest. This print is really useful for High Midgardsormr because it gives your Adventurer 20% damage resistance to the dragon, plus a bonus 3% resistance to all wind damage. You won’t have to get lucky to earn this print from the gacha machine though. Instead, you have to grind your way into earning it.

To get Glorious Tempest, you first need to get a fully unbound copy of the Greatwyrm Midgardsormr Wyrmprint, which can be earned from completing Wind Imperial Onslaughts and exchanging Jade Insignias for them in the Treasure Trade. Once you have earned enough currency for five Greatwyrm Midgardsormr prints, you can fully unbind and use it to help you pass Master level Wind Imperial Onslaughts. This high-level Onslaught mission will then allow you to earn Royal Jade Insignias, which you need 200 of (in addition to a bunch more Jade Insignias) to earn Glorious Tempest from Treasure Trade.

Craft a five-star fire weapon

In addition to reducing damage, you need to make sure you can dish enough out to High Midgardsormr before your time runs out. The best way to do this is by having some of the very best equipment, namely five-star fire elemental weapons. Not only do these weapons have high base stats, but they also give flame Adventurer’s bonus stat boosts and abilities, which should be just the added firepower you need to have a chance of defeating this mega powerful dragon.

To get five-star fire weapons, you’ll also need to be prepared for a grind. First, you need a Facility Level that’s high enough to get your Smithy up to at least level 7. Then, you have to craft, fully unbind, and max level a base five-star weapon, enhance it, repeat this process on the enhanced weapon, and then make sure you have the necessary materials to finally craft an elemental version of the weapon. It’s a long road to get these elemental weapons, but that’s what makes High Midgardsormr late-game content for Dragalia Lost.

Bring the right adventurers

Seeing as how High Midgardsormr is a wind-type dragon, you’ll want to power up fire-type Adventurers to max out your damage potential on him. You don’t just want to get any old fire units leveled for this fight though. There are specific Adventurers that are considered well-tuned for this fight, so making sure you prep one of them is best.

Specifically, top picks among flame Adventurers for High Midgardsormr are as follows:

    • Mikoto: Top damage-dealing flame Adventurer. An obvious choice, but hard to get, as he’s a five-star that you need to pull randomly from gacha.
    • Verica: Your healer for the event. Verica may only be a four-star, but she’s the best healer in all of Dragalia Lost. She’ll keep your team alive while fighting High Midgardsormr.
    • Naveed: The latest top-tier ultra-rare Adventurer, Naveed excels at drawn-out fights, as he gets stronger over time. Considering High Midgardsormr is a knock-down, drag-out affair for high level heroes, having someone with a good damage ramp is ideal for this mission.
    • Euden: Even if you haven’t gotten any good pulls from Dragalia Lost’s gacha machine, Euden, the game’s main protagonist that you start with, is a good choice for the High Midgardsormr fight. His stun resistance and ability to lower the dragon’s defense makes him almost a must.
    • Ezelith: Ezelith is great for dishing out tons of damage fast. She’s also got a lot of tools at her disposal for dodging damage. She’s a top pick for High Midgardsormr, but like Mikoto and Naveed, you need to get a lucky pull to even consider using her for this mission.

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