Dragalia Lost Imperial Onslaught Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 22nd, 2018
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Now that Dragalia Lost has been out for a bit, most players have likely found time between limited events like Loyalty’s Requiem and Trick or Treasure to complete the game’s campaign. If you somehow haven’t yet though, make sure you do, as completion of Dragalia Lost’s campaign unlocks a new mission type called The Imperial Onslaught.

The Imperial Onslaught is a pretty tough mission type, but they’re extremely worth adding to your daily regimen once you have access to them. These missions grant unique rewards that can allow you to do everything from advance your Facility Level to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game. See below for everything you need to know about The Imperial Onslaught.

The rewards

As with any mission type in Dragalia Lost, Imperial Onslaught missions are only as important as the rewards they grant, and boy do they deliver. Things you can earn from Onslaught missions include crafting materials for five-star weapons, as well as bronze coins called Aes that allow you to purchase dojos from the in-game store.

Dojos are special structures you can add to your Castle Grounds that upgrade your Adventurers based on the weapons they use. Just like elemental altars, Dojo can contribute significantly to your Facility Level while also giving a baseline stat boost to units of a specific type. Pretty cool, huh?

Onslaught strategy

To reap these sweet Onslaught rewards, you first need to make sure you can pass these missions, which is easier said than done. Unlike other mission types in Dragalia Lost, Onslaught missions can be legitimately difficult if you’re not careful with your play. In fact, the first piece of advice for passing these missions is to try and internalize the patterns of each mission type. There are specific attacks and waves that come about in each level and being able to anticipate them can give you a huge advantage.

As for other tips, make sure you always have a healer in your party and use Adventurers with an elemental advantage whenever possible. If you have an Adventurer with ranged attacks or ones with specific resistances to certain statuses present in these missions (blindness, curse, etc.), you’ll also have a much easier time making it through. Last but not least, make sure you’re playing co-op. Playing The Imperial Onslaught single-player makes completing them significantly harder.

Kill ‘em all

While you’re making your way through any given Imperial Onslaught mission, you may be tempted to try and focus the boss instead of all the minions they summon. This is a huge mistake. Not only does doing this make it harder to avoid damage while fighting, but ignoring these other units can also make you miss out on certain rewards.

In The Imperial Onslaught, minion units drop mana, rubies, and other goodies, but you can’t get any of this sweet loot if you don’t kill them first. This isn’t the kind of deal where killing the boss just gets you everything every unit was holding. You have to kill each and every one of them if you want to squeeze out every possible reward on Imperial Onslaught missions.

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