Four years of uptime for a mobile game is akin to eternity, and this is exactly the milestone that Darkness Rises has reached. It is important for developers to keep updating to keep the game fresh, and NEXON has announced a massive anniversary update to do just that.

Darkness Rises is an action RPG that has AAA pedigree in a handheld package. With a very deep character creation and some pretty graphics, it is easy to get drawn in. Players can choose between such classes as Berserker, Assassin and Wizard to run away and throw off some impressive skills to mow through enemies.

Despite the age of the game, Darkness Rises is still attracting new players, and to give them a helping hand the new update introduces some updated beginner growth support. New players can see their own customised data that will help them grow and develop their character, In addition, there are revitalized Beginner Quests to get a handle on the game easier.

For the more advanced players, NEXON has added a new demonic raid boss. Named Haureth, the battle will put the skill of any foolhardy warrior to the test. Featuring many new and unique skills, Hureth will be one of the toughest challenges in the game to date.

To prepare for the battle, players will have the ability to gain new Rank L Gear to ensure they are properly kitted. There is also the added ability to increase the character's Awakening Level, as well as the Awakened Transfer Level to increase their power even further.

NEXON have additionally announced an upcoming series of in-game events to celebrate the four years of service, making this the perfect time to get involved. Darkness Rises is available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.

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