In news sure to excite fans of biscuits or K-Pop music, the Korean sensations BTS have teamed up with Cookie Run: Kingdom for a series of events. After some warm-up episodes, the collaboration will culminate in a BTS in-game concert, so if anyone's ever wanted to see a cookie sing, they’re in luck.

A dedicated site for pre-registration will launch on September 24th and stick around until October 3rd and if 3 million pre-registrants sign up, all of the participants will receive a bevvy of rewards. These include 7000 crystals, 20 BTS collaboration prints and a decoration of the concert's sign. Given that everybody with no K-Pop knowledge has heard of BTS in some way, that's a milestone likely to be utterly obliterated.

Even more exciting for BTS fans in particular, a lucky 300 participants will be raffled off to receive a ticket exchange coupon for the BTS in BUSAN concert. A grammatic mouthful of a concert, these coupons will be given out on the condition that the winners have taken part in the pre-registration, and also registered for the draw during the pre-reg dates.

To celebrate the collaborations, Cookie Run will be releasing a BTS Collab Cookie every day on social media. So if anyone has ever wanted to see BTS as a cookie, they should probably get help, but until then they can check Cookie Runs social media channels. The content will be released across all platforms, with each network getting its specific content.

The official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts will host the 7 photo cards for each of the BTS members. Cookie Runs TikTok account will receive GIF interactions between cookies and the band members, and the YouTube channel will debut a short video showing the BTS dubbing sessions for the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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