You may have thought that a game series revolving around biscuits in battle would not have the best-staying power, but Devsisters have proven that so wrong with these massively popular CookieRun series. And now, the latest entry in this delicious series has finally revealed its name; CookieRun: Tower of Adventures.

Previously known as Project B, presumably for baked goods or perhaps Bookie, Tower of Adventurers will be a casual action game with real-time action combat, and will be the franchise's first 3D, for maximum snack power. It will even feature cooperative play because no one cookie is a full meal.

In the land of biscuits, a mysterious new challenge has opened its doors, with the Pancake Tower proving too tantalising to pass up. You will need to put together a variety of teams from iconic characters and brand-new pastries and master each of their unique abilities and attributes to conquer dangerous monsters.

As you might expect, there will be a story-based adventure for you to sink your teeth into, no doubt the scaling of a delicious carb tower. There will also be co-op multiplayer modes with real-time action, although right now there is no solid confirmation about the specifics of these modes, so it might be the full story or a separate set of missions.

If you happen to be in Korea in November around the Busan area, then you could be in with a chance to get first dibs on trying out this snacky story as Tower of Adventure will be at the Google Play booth during G-STAR 2023. Taking place from November 16th to 19th, there will be a PC-based user demo to play through.

CookieRun: Tower of Adventures will be available on iOS and Android in precisely 2024. Until we get a bit more of a specific date, check out the game's website for further information.

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