Summoners War is gearing up to revisit its sweetest collaboration event on August 29th with the return of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Sky Island will play host to five different cookies all available to recruit and use in the delicious battle against evil.

The event will come with its own dungeon, which Com2uS Studios have styled after the gameplay from Cookie Run: Kingdom, with some nice little features like the team marching through dungeons after each wave and a new camera view. If players use the collab cookies in this dungeon, they will be treated with special skill visuals when they use their original skills. As a final hats off to the Cookie Run developers, Summoners War will introduce the Red Veket Dragon as a boss further on in the event.

Each of the chosen brave biscuits will have its own special skills and moves to dispense their sugary justice. GingerBrave is able to use its skills to effectively control the enemy, with access to stuns and the ability to remove beneficial effects. Acting as a healer, PureVanillaCookie can heal allies as they attack, play defense to heal and shield the group at the same time or turn an ally inducible for 2 turns. When used on a thoroughly broken biscuit they will even revive.

Hollyberry is a tough cookie, being able to provoke enemies and shield their allies, with their damage scaling from defense which is nice. Oddly enough, Espresso Cookie functions as a debuffer instead of a support as the name would suggest. They are able to block beneficial effects from being added to enemies, reduce their Attack Bar with a chance of stun, or do a big attack split across the enemy's HP and Attack Bars. Finally, Madeleine Cookie has the ability to decrease Attack Bars, attack all enemies and even shrug off death itself where lesser biscuits would crumble.

Summoners War is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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