Com2uS has launched its latest mobile RPG called Dear, Ella. Set in a fantasy world, it follows Ella along a story of betrayal and redemption as she seeks to prevent a plot to overthrow her kingdom and save it from chaos.

There is treachery afoot in the Esperansa Kingdom, as the evil Zenon stages a revolt and murders his brother the king, and the titular Ella. Protected by her powerful pendant, however, Ella finds herself reincarnated one year in the past, confronted with the opportunity to change her fate. Now, multiple stories will be told as Ella gathers her allies to battle Zenon’s army to restore her kingdom.

The combat unfolds after a party of five is selected and sent into battle. Each hero has three types of skills; the usual active and passive skills plus the more important Chain Skills. As the name suggests, the Chain Skills can be cast consecutively in order to rack up some impressive damage.

New heroes can be summoned via the Gacha system and come with random stats. They can then be ranked up by sacrificing other Heroes, from C up to SSR, increasing the level cap and stats. This is an excellent way to use up any lesser heroes that would usually clog up list space.

Besides following the main story, there are multiple other ways to play Dear, Ella. To improve the quality of heroes and weapons players will need to amass a lot of resources, and the special dungeons are the best way to do this. The Forgotten Mine is the best place to earn a huge amount of gold, whilst braving the Arena will gain hero levels and increase the power of Chain Skills.

Those who need to increase their gear should tackle the Ice Queen’s Nightmare, earning materials and new recipes for Epic gear, whilst the Ancient Template will also reward materials. These can then be taken to Kaimora’s Megafurnace to craft powerful gear, but the use of such attracts terrible monsters, so be ready to defend the furnace in challenging battle.

Dear, Ella can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.

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