Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile is in full swing. The Halloween theme has gone down well with fans and the events were equally thrilling.

But Halloween’s over. And the upcoming season of COD Mobile might bring something fresh to the plate. Players are eager to move on to the next season and try some new weapons and maps.

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Season 10 of COD Mobile is Named ‘Shadow Returns’

Season 9 has set the benchmark really high for the next season. And it will be interesting to see if the developers can surpass themselves.

The next season of CODM will be called ‘Shadow Returns’, which has sparked some excitement in the community.

That’s not all. The anticipation reached its peak when an official teaser gave us a glimpse of a new character.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is Introducing a New Character

Every season, COD Mobile brings new characters to the game, and season 10 will be no exception. The teaser revealed a masked character riding a cool motorcycle. Hopefully, they will feature as an unlockable reward.

It is unclear whether this masked character will be the only new character or if there are more to come. Season 9 saw the addition of the beloved COD character ‘Ghost’. So, let’s hope that the developers add more recognisable characters to the game!

It is being speculated that the new season will be released around Christmas, meaning we can expect some special holiday events and rewards! Shadow Returns might also introduce some.

So far, Call of Duty Mobile has seen the addition of old favourite content along with new content tailored for mobile.

Until the next season rolls out, you can check out some of the best SMGs in COD Mobile.

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