With Season 8, COD Mobile has introduced some new maps, weapons, and modes in the game. Perhaps, the highlight of the new season was the new Blackout map. However, the new M13 Assault Rifle and R90 Shotgun have stolen some of the limelight.

Along with the new guns, the existing weapons have received some nerfs and buffs. In fact, a lot of guns, whether that's Assault Rifles, SMGs or Marksman Rifles, have received a lot of changes. Considering those alterations, here are the best guns in each category.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles remain a popular choice of gun for many, so we decided to start the list off with them. The M13 will be soon unveiled during a mid-season event. The gun boasts attractive specs and is sure to be a hit with the players. Until then, you can use the Man-O-War, DR-H, AK-117, and ASM10.


After assault rifles, SMGs are the next preferred guns for close to mid-range combat. The QQ9 is probably the most-used option since it’s a balanced weapon that is easy to use. The PP19 Bizon, MX9, and RUS-79U are also great SMG choices.


Light Machine Guns may not be as popular as SMGs or ARs, but they have their own fan base. They do high damage, have large magazines, and a high fire rate. Mostly, these guns are preferred while playing with squads. With 65 damage and 75 fire rate, the Chopper is the best LMG you can get. However, the Hades and RPD are other decent options.


Stealthy players who love to take down enemies in one shot should grab a powerful sniper. Nothing’s better than a sniper with a great scope. So far, the DLQ33 has topped the Sniper rankings every single time. It can kill an enemy in one shot and has an insane range. The Locus and SKS are other great options in the Sniper category.


Shotguns have their own appeal. Several COD Mobile players prefer using the KRM-262 followed by the Shorty and Striker. The KRM-262 does some serious damage and has a fanbase of its own. After the new R90 arrives, it will be fun to see if it competes with the existing shotguns.

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