In honor of 148Apps animal month, we’re creating a whole bunch of lists of what we think are the best animals in mobile gaming. We've already done cats, which featured a special appearance from a very real, very derpy kitty.

But we're making sure we're not just focusing on animals that actually exist, but fantastical, imaginary creatures too. So we decided to do a list filled with dragons. If you’re a lover of fire-breathing, gold-hoarding dragons, here’s a number of games that should sate your appetite.

Make sure you click here to check out all our other lists, if lists are the sort of thing that you're into. Right then, on with the fire-breathing monsters.

Hungry Dragon - download for iOS

A fairly new release, this game takes the formula of Hungry Shark and translates it to Medieval carnage. If you’ve ever had any desire to be a fire-breathing menace unleashing destruction on hapless villagers and creatures, this is the game for you. Fly around as a fire-breathing dragon, eating everything in your path. Earn points to unlock larger, tougher dragons capable of even more carnage. The gameplay can be a little repetitive, but when you get to be a dragon consuming everything in sight, it’s hard to complain.

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Merge Dragons - download for iOS

This puzzle game puts you in charge of renewing a dying world by matching objects in sets of three. The dragons here will help you in your quest to restore their land, and as you collect more of them you’ll be able to upgrade your sanctuary. Progression can be fairly slow, as you’re limited to the number of levels you can complete at one time, but there’s a wide variety of dragons for you to collect and make your own.

Dragon City - download for iOS

A combination of city builder and creature collector, Dragon City tasks you with collecting dragon eggs and breeding new dragons to build your roster of mythical creatures. You can also train your dragons to fight other teams in multiplayer, but the core mechanic is based on creating as many unique and rare dragons as possible. The rarest dragons are often hard to obtain without participating in microtransactions, but there’s still plenty here for any dragon collector to enjoy.

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Puzzle and Dragons - download for iOS

It would be remiss to create a list of dragon games and leave this classic off the list. If you like match-3 games at all, this one should be on your list. You can collect a wide variety of creatures, including some impressive dragons, in order to build your ideal fighting team. There’s also the option to play in multiplayer mode, and test your mettle against other teams from around the world.

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Choice of the Dragon - download for iOS

If you’re done with collecting dragons, check out this game in order to become a dragon yourself. A text-based multiple choice adventure, Choice of the Dragon tasks you with taking on the role of a fire-breathing dragon who lords over the local kingdom. Kidnap princesses, build your gold hoard, and be sure to make the right choices to continue your reign of fire. The story itself is fairly short, but the quality of the writing makes it worthwhile.

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