Nexon has announced the new update for Blue Archive, under the name of An Unconcealed Heart. Featuring a battle between two academies, the story will follow a group struggling to gain recognition, and will bring three new students to recruit.

The new event focuses on the Ninjutsu Research Club, a group who are trying to become officially recognized as a club. To further the cause, the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy and the Gehenna Academy are engaging in a scrimmage overseen by Sensei. With the launch of this event, everyone who pre-registered will receive 1,200 Pyroxene, provided they log in before January 5th.

Despite heavily featuring an entity called the Ninjutsu Research Club, there is a shocking lack of sneaky stealthy ninjas, but the new students are worth a look at all the same. Iroha represents the Gehenna Academy and is a mystic-type special student who rides the massive tank T.S Toramaru for her EX Skill, which almost feels like cheating. The Toramaru fires out an artillery shell every 15 seconds dealing damage to a single enemy, after which the shell splits to deal the same amount to multiple enemies, which sounds incredibly powerful in terms of sheer power and as a way to scatter enemy groups.

The Allied Hyakkiyako Academy sponsors our next two students, starting off with Kaede. An explosive-type Special student, Kaede fills the support role as her EX Skill grants a shield to allies within range for 16 seconds, providing some nice mitigation scaling off of her healing skill. Handling the offence for this new pair, Michiru is a mystic-type striker who can shoot a firework at an enemy, dealing some nice instant damage followed by continuous burn damage for 20 seconds to finish them off.

Blue Archive is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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