Best Fire characters in World Flipper

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on December 17th, 2021

World Flipper has many characters that can be categorized based on six different elements. One of those elements is fire. For some levels, you will have to build a team with Fire characters. Defeating Wind characters is easier if you have a strong Fire team.

The Fire characters in World Flipper are known for high damage, rapid attacks, and cool power buffs. Their skills often cause an area of effect damage, so you need to have one Fire character in your team.

World Flipper: Best Fire characters for a Fire Team

Here are the top Fire characters that you can get in World Flipper:

1. Clarisse

Clarisse is probably the best Fire character that your squad can have. She is a 5-star unit that powers up the other Fire units on the team. This doubles whatever damage these units do. She can head your team and also be a secondary unit. Clarisse also weakens the enemy’s resistance to fire. Her skill reloads faster and this enables her to do extra damage.

2. Hanabi

Hanabi is another 5-star Fire character that does huge AoE damage. She is described as a ninja that can toss some mean bombs. Her bombs land in the enemy’s area, set that region ablaze, and inflict fire damage. Hanabi heals her allies after a flip and lends them some attack buffs too.

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3. Marina

Marina is also one of the most powerful Fire units. Her special ability “Pirate Rush” summons an enormous ship to the battlefield and deals heavy fire damage. The ship also spawns some minions. Marina increases HP and attacks with every flip. The damage also keeps piling up alongside the flips. Marina’s other skills add to her base attack powers, making her a strong addition to your squad.

A strong team in World Flipper will complement each character’s powers and give great buffs to the team. So, make sure you have complementary characters that increase the overall efficiency of the team.

World Flipper is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also bring your friends along for co-op multiplayer battles.

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