It has been one and a half years since Alchemy Stars launched, and Level Infinite is celebrating in style with a host of new content. There will be a new story mission and even a store to explore, and a whole new mode for those budding idol managers.

The Starry Adventure: Heaven-Shaking Melody Event brings with it a lot of new content to engage with. The new story stage, A Marvelous Song, will reward players with Goldie Merch, which can be traded in at the new event store, Brandy’s Tabloid, with rewards such as a 5-Star Aurorian Brandy and her Solamber, some limited edition furniture, breakthrough material and more.

By clearing all the stages of A Marvelous Song you will unlock a harder mode, the Dreamy Nostalgia to really give you a challenge. If you manage to clear all the stages you will get some rare items, with up to 2 Special Star Flares and 500 Lumamber. The story and challenge events will end on January 9th, with the event store closing on the 12th.

There will be two new 6 Star Aurorians introduced into the game via a special rate-up banner until January 12th. The Forest Warden Vic appears to have a certain affinity with a variety of cute critters, whereas the Surveiling Eye Brandy also has a kinship with enemies, albeit using her animal companions to gather information for her. The 5-star Goldie will also be under this banner and will be a focal point in an upcoming event.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of managing an idol will be in luck, as Goldie will be taking a starring role in the new mode, Starlit Agency. You will be an integral part of helping Goldie to improve her idol abilities to achieve her goal of being a great idol by setting her schedule to help train and taking a direct role in growing her fanbase. The first series of quests in this event will release on December 15th, with more following over the next two days.

Alchemy Stars is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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