TEPPEN has announced its latest expansion Jurrassic Rampage arrival, introducing characters from the massive Resident Evil franchise and the criminally underrated Dino Crisis series, which may be a little odd for a fighting series but quite frankly who doesn’t get excited by the prospect of watching Ryu Shoryuken a T-Rex right in the face?

On a remote island an ancient and indefinite power source has been secretly recreated in an experiment, and immediately went wrong creating a rift in space-time back to the prehistoric era of dinosaurs. To instigate, the government sent Resident Evil 4 protagonist Leon Kennedy and Dino Crisis lead Regina to investigate, leading to a clash with multiple underground organisations who aim to control the dinosaur-ridden island.

The first in a planned Echoes of the Lost Civilization series, Jurassic Rampage brings with it a lot of new cards, including the Black card Third Energy Genius Kirk, the Purple Wolfpack, the Red Repelling Fire and of course, the Green Ancient Tyrant T. Rex. This mighty dinosaur belongs to the Monster tribe and sports the Heavy Pierce Sheild effect that reduces damage taken or 3 or less than 1, and grants 2 HP when an enemy unit dies. It also carries the Invasion effect, which grants the card +1/-4 and deals damage to 1 random enemy equal to the T-Rex’s attack, making it a nigh-unstoppable foe.

Any player who signs in before October 31 will receive 10 new Pack Tickets for Jurassic Rampage to try and pull the dinos, and the expansion also brings two new BGMs from the Dino Crisis series to the Soul Shop. Also being added are two Jurassic Missions that will reward two new player icons; The Treasure is Mine and Plesiosaurus.

TEPPEN is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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