Welcome, one and all, to another 148Apps holiday shopping guide! Are you having trouble figuring out what to get for a distant relative, new neighbor, or estranged second cousin? Thankfully there are people like us putting together handy-dandy holiday shopping guides for you! Whether you’re looking for new hardware and accessories, or just something a bit less impersonal than an iTunes gift card, we’ve got you covered.

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Today’s guide centers around highly social iOS users. I’m talking about the people who practically live on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and all that. It can be tough to come up with something for such diehard (virtual) social butterflies, and even more tricky to surprise them, but we’re certainly going to give it a shot! Check out our list below for some hopefully useful ideas.

Space Pack from Mophie

It seems like the more social a person is, the more videos and photos they like to post. The problem is that that stuff can pile up and require quite a bit of storage space. That’s why it’s handy to have the Mophie Space Pack ($149.95 for 16GB, $179.95 for 32GB - iPhone 5/5s) around. This battery case is useful enough to begin with thanks to the fact that it can recharge your iPhone (or keep it running if it’s almost out of power). However, it also comes with internal memory (either 16GB or 32GB), which allows you to easily transfer files (like all those pictures of your restaurant meals) back and forth. [Our Review]

Anyone who uses apps like Spark Camera, Pro Camera 8 + HDR, TinType, or Videoshop will definitely get a fair bit of use out of the Space Pack. Of course there's also the official Space app. That's a handy option, too. All those video and image files would just eat away at storage space, but if they can be transferred to an external source users will have room for even more!

Wren V5AP Wireless Speaker

If you know somebody who enjoys sharing music, the Wren V5AP Wireless Speaker ($399) is a pricy but worthwhile option. It’s a bit large for a wireless speaker, but not so large it can’t be tucked away somewhere out of sight. Or it can be displayed out in the open, since it’s actually a pretty good looking speaker anyway. The sound it puts out is quite nice, and you can control everything using either your iOS device and Airplay or the included wireless remote control. [Our Review]

Anything sound-centric will put the Wren V5AP to good use. Radio apps like Pandora Radio or Beats Music are certainly a given. And if you’d like to curl up on the couch with your iPad and watch a movie with some butt-kicking sound, Netflix is another viable option.

RAVPower Wireless Filehub/Media Drive

Getting back to the topic of having way too many cat videos and selfies on your phone, there’s the RAVPower Wireless Filehub ($44.99) to help with those storage needs. The almost pocket-sized hub allows users to transfer data to and from their device and external memory cards - and that includes streaming video. It also functions as a charging station if they need a bit more juice before posting a photo of their grilled cheese sandwich. [Our Review]

As expected, the RAVPower Wireless Filehub is convenient for any apps that one would use for things like photo or video editing. Apps like Videoshop, Pro HDR, and SKRWT.

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