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Today’s guide is for the health nuts. Those people who get up inhumanly early to exercise, bike and/or jog with regularity, or otherwise make athletic activities a significant part of their day. If you’d like to help the health-conscious iOS users in your life with some handy gizmos, or maybe nab a useful app or two they may not have heard of, check out our list below for some ideas.

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

What’s a health-conscious person without some sort of activity tracker, right? Well the nice thing about the Misfit Shine ($99.99) is that it’s tiny. Like about as big around as a quarter, tiny. It also comes with a couple of different ways to wear it - a watch band type thing, or a magnetic clip if you’d rather attach it to a shirt collar or a belt loop. You can set goals for yourself and check your progress simply by tapping two fingers on the Shine, although if you want more detailed information you’ll want to sync it with your iOS device. [Misfit app, which will let you track your progress and set personal goals. However you could easily make use of other fitness apps along with it, such as the ever-popular Zombies, Run! or RockMyRun.

iBattz Moto Refuel Aqua

The problem with exercising out in public is that sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate. That and sometimes running out of battery power for a myriad of reasons. The iBattz Moto Refuel Aqua ($129.99 - iPhone 5 and 5s) addresses both of this problems. The case acts as a battery backup for those times you get caught up in a run or otherwise find yourself low on power sooner than expected. It’s also waterproof to the point that you won’t have to fret over damaging your iPhone if you happen to get caught in the rain. [Our Review]

Any apps made for outdoorsy exercisers are worth considering for the Moto Refuel Aqua, really. Anything from Zombies, Run! to RunKeeper to Strava Running and Cycling.

LifeTrak Zone C410 Fitness Tracker

I think perhaps the biggest selling point for the LifeTrak C410 ($99.99) is its battery life. It’s designed to run on a single battery (a CR2032) for an entire year. So unlike many other fitness trackers, you won’t have to change the battery all the time. Instead you can just put it on and forget about it. Just make sure you remember to sync it with the LifeTrak app once a week, because it won’t sync automatically. [Our Review]

Feel free to peruse our Editor’s Choice selections for more top-rated fitness app ideas.

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