GPS Wars: NDrive USA GPS App Just $2.99 For First Million Users

Posted by Jeff Scott on May 21st, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

NDrive NavigationSystems announced today that in an attempt to become the biggest selling GPS apps for the iPhone, they have released NDrive USA for just $2.99. NDrive already have top selling apps in Europe But that promotional price is only available for the first 1 million downloads. So grab it now!

NDrive USA is a US map only version of their GPS product which while we haven't reviewed yet, but it looks promising. (It's nearly 2 GB, and it's still downloading) Heck, for $3 for a full, on-board GPS app, how could you go wrong? NDrive also offer NDrive North America (US + Canada maps) for $44.99, and various local city maps (LA, NYC, etc.) for $5.99. But this version covers all of the US.

The main feature that sets an app like NDrive apart from just using Google Maps on your iPhone, is the ability to have all of the maps stored on your device. So if you are out of cell-phone range, you can still figure out where you are.

NDrive is available now at $2.99 for the first 1 million downloads. It's a huge app weighing in at 1.78 GB, so it's suggested you download it in iTunes on the desktop and sync it to your device.

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