NDrive NavigationSystems announced today that in an attempt to become the biggest selling GPS apps for the iPhone, they have released NDrive USA for just $2.99. NDrive already have top selling apps in Europe But that promotional price is only available for the first 1 million downloads. So grab it now!

NDrive USA is a US map only version of their GPS product which while we haven’t reviewed yet, but it looks promising. (It’s nearly 2 GB, and it’s still downloading) Heck, for $3 for a full, on-board GPS app, how could you go wrong? NDrive also offer NDrive North America (US + Canada maps) for $44.99, and various local city maps (LA, NYC, etc.) for $5.99. But this version covers all of the US.

The main feature that sets an app like NDrive apart from just using Google Maps on your iPhone, is the ability to have all of the maps stored on your device. So if you are out of cell-phone range, you can still figure out where you are.

NDrive is available now at $2.99 for the first 1 million downloads. It’s a huge app weighing in at 1.78 GB, so it’s suggested you download it in iTunes on the desktop and sync it to your device.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-05-21 :: Category: Navigation

Hit the jump for a full list of features for NDrive USA.

○ Application Features

– Embedded store-inside-store to allow an easy download of extra features to your Application
– Highly effective search engine and fast calculations derives benefits such as fast and easy calculation of alternative routes and re-routing
– Car, Pedestrian and Adventure Mode
-ADVENTURE MODE will guide the way while trekking, bike riding, off-road in cars, on boats and even on light aircrafts
– Simple and intuitive user interface
– MULTI-TOUCH TECHNOLOGY with gesture recognition for menu, zooming, tilting and panning will enable you to control and display maps easily
– POIs (Points of Interest) and favorites with phone/fax number, description, email and website address
– UNLIMITED NUMBER of customizable favorite’s entries and user defined categories
– Search and navigate to city centers, street names and numbers, crossings, postal codes, favorite places, recent locations, coordinates and nearby POIs
– Advanced itinerary with multiple waypoints which enhanced planning
– Keyboard available in either ABC or QWERTY mode
– Integration with iPod, offers listening to music while driving
– Automatic Day/Night mode
– Sound and visual alerts for desired and fixed maximum speed limits
– Automatic Portrait/Landscape display mode
– Free access to the NDRIVE COMMUNITY where sharing POIs with other users anywhere in the world is possible
– Search Online from your NDrive application using search engines like GoogleTM to find additional POIs in any location

○ Map Features

– Actual and complete map of the USA (March 2010)
– OVER 1,500,000 POIs representing restaurants, gas stations, tourism attractions, hotels, landmarks, etc.

○ Language Features

– Precise voice instruction and full interface language support for: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

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