You look at your iPhone several times a day. Wouldn’t it be a more enjoyable if your display boasted a stunning and individually designed background? Ayogo has now come up with a design solution – iTheme.

The app allows you to change the background of your iPhone’s display to a number of tailored themes, and Kai Banholzer – CEO and Developer at Ayogo – spoke to us about how iTheme isn’t just a basic screensaver changing app.

So what exactly does iTheme do that helps it stand out from an increasingly competitive App Store? “iTheme offers a unique and different approach,” Banholzer explains. “While traditional wallpaper apps contain loads of screens that have no reference to each other, iTheme always combines two backgrounds – a Lock Screen and a Home Screen design. This way the user interface gets an appealing and consistent look.”

The main draw here is to give your display feel all new then, and for a device which is almost all screen Banholzer explains that this might not be a bad thing.

“Our themes consist of a Home Screen and a Lock Screen background that are designed to match and give the user’s device a new look and feel,” he says. “On the home screen we add frames or glow effects to the icons; hence the icons appear redesigned. But we don’t actually change the icons themselves, since this can only be done for some icons and would result in duplicate icons on the user’s home screen – not a very desirable effect.”

You could be concerned that iTheme won’t have something to suit your tastes, but there are several options to choose from. “We have a very wide variety of themes in the app such as material themes like metal or paper, signs & symbols, landscape themes, 3D, holidays, and so on,” Banholzer says. “According to our users and fans, the majority is very satisfied, but of course we will be adding more and more themes as time goes on – and also considering our users’ feedback.”

Even then, you can tweak and edit your selected theme to make sure you have it just as you want it – and Banholzer believes that this is probably the most invaluable feature of the app.
“I think the Theme Editor is an outstanding tool to design and edit your own backgrounds,” he says. “Each theme can be customized in the ‘Theme Editor’ part of the app, and the user can select his favorite part of the original artwork (photo or digital design), change colors, choose overlays like calendars or additional artwork for the Lock Screen and add overlays like icon frames or bookshelves to the Home Screen. This way the user can get creative and make his own themes from the designs we offer.”

There’s a drive to improve and expand the iTheme experience though, as Banholzer explains. “We are working hard on future updates for iTheme. There are great things along the way,” she reveals. “I don’t want to tell too much, but it is striking that iTheme is not yet available for the iPad, isn’t it…”

You can buy iTheme for your iPhone now, and costs $0.99 to download [iTunes link].

Want to know more about Ayogo? You can visit the developer’s site here:

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