Freerunning games have been a staple part of mobile gaming for as long as I care to remember. And, yes, I care. Deeply.

Before you ask, no, Temple Run 2 is not a freerunning game. It’s an endless-runner. Because, well, it doesn’t have an end. Freerunners, however, do. See.

Anyway, Russian outfit Destiny Development has decided to enter the freerunning fray with its new iOS and Android game Doc & Dog.

Konstantin Andryushchenko, the director of international business development at Destiny Development, tells us why the stylish and characterful Doc & Dog doesn’t shy away from its freerunning roots one bit.

Read on for more about Dog & Dog.

148Apps: First of all, could you summarise Doc & Dog for us, please?

Konstantin Andryushchenko: Doc & Dog is a beautiful arcade game influenced by popular freerunning and endless-running games like Jetpack Joyride, Ski Safari, and Tiny Wings.

Everyone who liked those games will love Doc & Dog.

What makes it stand out from all the other freerunners on the App Store?

Doc & Dog has a strong story that entices you to complete it. There is a tangible goal in the game. While developing our project, we believed that saving your best friend could be as rewarding as getting high scores and achievements.

Furthermore, the game sets new standards for graphics among cartoon-style games. With Unity3D technology, you can achieve an incredibly high visual performance. And our art department worked tirelessly to get this game looking great.

The main task for our artists was the creation of memorable characters, deep backgrounds, and rich details to really flesh out the world.

What keeps players coming back to the game?

We think that after users see the opening video, they will truly want to help Doc to find Dog. This task will take some time and a great amount of passion, but it can be done.

Upon completing the main game, you will be able to collect game points much easier, so there is a real opportunity to compete with friends and eventually go for the top spot in Game Center.

Are there different locations? If so, how do they affect the gameplay?

During the game, you will have to fly successfully through jungles, deserts, oceans, and tundras, mastering different skills along the way.

All locations have different terrains, you see, so you have to choose the right upgrades for your vehicle at different points.

In some locations, for example, it is preferable to use skis rather than wheels. In other situations, a jump via a pogo stick could send you into the stratosphere (hint: try the geysers).

Are there any interesting power-ups or unlockables in Doc & Dog?

I don’t want to ruin all the secrets of the game, but it is possible to find really exotic upgrades (from a choice of 48).

There are also lots of vehicle add-ons that will help along the way.

Is there a way to compete with your friends?

If you want to play and compete with friends nearby, there is a local leaderboard in-game where all players can leave their names and records.

Of course, if players want to compete with anyone they like around the world, they can do so. The game is fully compatible with Game Center.

What was the hardest part about developing Doc & Dog?

The hardest part was leaving some ideas behind on the ‘cutting room’ floor. We just couldn’t fit everything in, and the current version is the result of some tough decisions.

Some ideas had even been completed, but we didn’t have time to include them in the final build because of the release dates. I have no doubt, though, that you’ll be seeing everything we have to offer at some point in the future.

What’s the part of Doc & Dog of which you’re most proud?

When we released the game, many members of the team downloaded it and started competing with one another straight away. If even the designers, who had been working on the project for half a year, are still interested in playing the game, I think that says something!

We are proud of the fact that we created Doc & Dog quite quickly, too. It took us less than five months to go from the creation of a design document to the first public version. Development was very dynamic – we saw significant progress every day.

Are there any plans for updates? If so, can you tell us more about them?

Of course. We have plenty of plans for future upgrades. I can’t say too much, but we plan to add new modifications and locations for Doc & Dog at the very least.

You can download Doc & Dog on iPhone and iPad as a Universal app now. It’s priced 69p / $0.99 [iTunes link].

The game is also available for free on Android [Google Play link].

Check out the trailer for the game below.

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