Dragon-Island-2King’s Empire, for those of you who aren’t already familiar with it, is a massively multiplayer strategy game that encourages you to cooperate and compete with other real players from around the world as you attempt to rebuild a kingdom.

In order to do this, you’ll have to collect resources, construct buildings, research new technologies, and raise an army that’s capable of defending your settlements and take on the armies of other players.

King’s Empire has attracted a lot of attention since its release. In fact, it’s topped the Top Free and Top Grossing charts in Apple’s App Store in dozens of countries around the globe.

Dragon-Island-1Sometime in early August, Tap4Fun will release a substantial expansion to King’s Empire titled ‘Dragon Island.’

According to the publisher this expansion will push cooperative missions, which will include creating giant fleets and challenging huge dragons, as well as evolving your troops into battle-hungry warriors.

You can download King’s Empire in anticipation of the new Dragon Island expansion right now from the App Store for free [download].

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