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Our Review by Carter Dotson on August 1st, 2011
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The HandStand is a case for the iPad that is designed to allow users to securely hold the device with just one hand.

Developer: Hub International
Price: $49.99
Device Reviewed On: iPad 1

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Overall Rating: starstarhalfstarblankstarblankstar

Tablets are awesome. Tablets are also awkward to hold and use because of their size. In order to address this first world problem, there exists the HandStand. This case, available for both of the currently available models of the iPad, features a hand strap on the back to allow for one hand to securely hold the iPad while the other is free to use it. This is great for walking around with the iPad, or for holding it up to display to someone else.

The HandStand works well as a keyboard prop due to its design. This makes it easy to put the iPad on a desk and start typing on it, or to just easily see what is being displayed on the screen, though it isn't usable as a video stand. The case is very easily usable in any orientation, and can be rotated while holding it. The case provides a good grip while using it; I never felt like I was going to drop the iPad while it was in my hand.

The problem with the HandStand is that by using it, the user is limited to explicitly one-handed usage of the iPad. This can limit what apps are usable while the hand is in the grip portion. This is far better used when with a specific use where having to have the iPad in one hand is best, not for everyday usage. But then, using it is a pain. Literally. See, the iPad is not all that heavy, but combined with the additional weight of the HandStand itself, and with all the weight being put on the hand and wrist, it becomes very quickly uncomfortable to use. When using it to show the iPad to someone else, but it's more comfortable, but for self usage? It's just uncomfortable. As well, the case makes pressing the lock and volume buttons difficult to press because of the rubber covering the buttons. This is 2011; why is it so difficult to make a case that doesn't add unnecessary difficulty to using the buttons on devices? The iPad 2 version of the HandStand appears to offer direct access to the buttons.

I find the limited utility of the HandStand and the discomfort it causes while using it makes this a product I can't recommend. This seems like a good idea at first, but unless it becomes more comfortable to use, the awkwardness of holding the iPad without this case is still superior.

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