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Zynga has launched the latest in their series of Games with Friends. Following their adaptations of Scrabble and Hangman, their latest is Scramble with Friends, their take on Boggle. How this works in a multiplayer context is that players take turns with 2 minute sessions on a 4-by-4 grid of letters, trying to form words from tiles that are adjacent or diagonal from each other. Each letter is worth a certain amount, with extra points given for word length. As well, later rounds introduce special bonus tiles. The player with the highest combined score after 3 rounds wins the match. Similar to other Zynga Games with Friends titles, the game comes in free ad-supported and paid ad-free flavors, and has a token system for using powerups such as hints, and a board rotator. Tokens are required in order to play some moves, with free “bonus tokens” that the game hands out. Naturally, tokens can be bought through in-app purchases as well. Scramble with Friends, Apple’s Game of the Week in the US, is available now.

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Released: 2012-01-05 :: Category: Games


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