Not enough swiping and slashing in your life? Perhaps Zynga has the answer with a game that will of course be compared to Fruit Ninja, only instead of fruit, you get to slash at zombies. This update brings a few fixes to many of our complaints in our original review.

The undead are leaping for your lobes! Dust off your trusty machete and help Joey, our intrepid hero, show them some manners the Zombie Swipeout way!

- The new arcade action game from the creators of ZombieSmash!
- Whose machete swing reigns supreme? Compete against your friends and earn medals in weekly tournaments.
- Machetes too cliche? Unlock and equip weapons with different abilities like the Head Slapper and the Prince of Cleaves.
- Level up and unlock cool powerups like grenades, liquid nitrogen, and more to combat the hordes. Zombies hate powerups!
- Whoops! Keep Joey alive or the game is over . . . or is it? Rescue Joey feature lets you fight on!

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