World Zombination is Getting Updates for Just About Everything This Week

Posted by Rob Rich on June 23rd, 2015
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World Zombination is getting even more worldly (zombinational?) this week by way of a big update. Seriously, the list of changes is almost intimidating.

Both the humans and the zombies are getting new unit types. For the humans that means the Gasman, Flamethrower, Minigunner, and Brain Freeze. Meanwhile the zombies are receiving similar characters by way of Squidfingers, Wildfire, Rainmaker, and Mistress. Noticing a theme here?

After that comes Guild improvements such as new Daily Objectives to earn more packs (and to earn Guild Bars that officers can use to buy all sorts of Guild stuff). There's also a new Raid system with three new Guild Raids (Casablanca, Bogota, and Perth), the ability to earn Guild Bars via raids that can then be used to do things like extend the raid timer or unlock new raids and raid tiers, the ability to cancel in-progress raids, and more.

The list just keeps going with a PvP update (new leagues, better matchmaking, etc), improved Quick Fights, a revemped store, and a more Guild-friendly system for borrowing units from other players.

All this (and more) is coming to World Zombination very soon. Like "this Thursday" soon.

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