Another World Turns 20, Gets an iOS Port

Posted by Rob Rich on September 9th, 2011

It's amazing to think that it's been almost 20 years since gamers were first tossed into the supremely unfortunate shoes of Lester Knight Chaykin. The brilliant young scientist went and got himself stranded in what might very well be the most hostile alien world ever, and boy was it ever tough to get him to relative safety. Learn from Lester, kids: Don't mess around with nuclear energy.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Another World (a.k.a Out of the World to US folks) was one heck of a tough adventure game. In fact, it was entirely possible to die (horribly) within seconds of gaining control of the main character. And it didn't let up much until the credits finally rolled. Poor old Lester seemed to be on everyone and everything's list.

This month, iOS users will finally be able to experience one of the most beloved (and bemoaned) trial-and-error adventures ever thanks to DotEmu and BulkyPix. However, this isn't just a straight port. Even long-time fans would do well to check this out once it's released as there have been a number of interesting additions.

First, there's the at this point by-the-numbers HD upgrade. Worry not, purists, the visuals can be changed back to their original look at any time. Second, a new "intuitive" touch control system has been developed, but a digital pad option is also available. Third, the music and sound effects have been totally remastered. A bullet point in the press release that admittedly has me a little nervous. Achievements make an appearance as well, naturally. Lastly, and most importantly, there are now three difficulty settings: Normal, Difficult and Hardcore. Difficult is what we old-timers experienced "back in the day," while Normal is a bit easier and Hardcore is even harder somehow. As someone who has to this day never been able to fight my way to those credits, I'm anxious to try out this so-called Normal mode. Hardcore not so much.

Another World is set to release September 22nd (9/22) for $4.99. That's $5 I'll gladly toss into the ether for the chance to play this classic whenever and wherever I want.

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