Word Trick Coming to iOS

Posted by Greg Dawson on January 31st, 2012

Word puzzles have captivated millions throughout history and one company that is pushing the genre in a new direction is Outplay Entertainment with its Word Trick puzzle that rewards players through newly created green "Trick Tiles." Sure, players can still score big with double word, double letter, triple word and triple letter bonus tiles, but the new green tiles offer even bigger points. For instance, if the user matches four green tiles their score is multiplied by three and if they match five it's multiplied by four.

After they are used the green tiles turn into yellow tiles so opponents can't steal points. The game is available now on Facebook for free and is coming to iOS soon. Players are also allowed to compete with up to three others and in as many as 21 games at a time. The game also includes chat features, move histories and reminders via email or Facebook.

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