It's almost like Christmas and your birthday morning all wrapped up into one! But for this holiday you will be compelled to spends lots of money. Today Apple will make a bunch of announcements around the iPhone. It's pretty much a lock that we will see at least one new iPhone today, final iOS 5 details including some that have been unseen so far, iCloud, and probably a new Apple iOS app, perhaps iPhoto.

While the rumors have been all over the place, the crazy crazy rumor mill have pretty much all settled on the new iPhone to be announced today being an iPhone 4S. An updated version of the iPhone 4 with perhaps a faster processor, more memory, a bigger camera (8 MP), and perhaps a few more features. This isn't the iPhone 5 that we think Apple needs to make a statement, but such is Apple. They take their own paths -- and let's be honest, it usually works out for them.

It's almost assured that we will see some new features in iOS 5 that haven't been seen in the betas. And hopefully more details around iCloud and how it will work.

One area where iCloud is really lacking is photos. We're expecting Apple to announce some new features around that and perhaps even an iPhoto for iOS. With each of the recent hardware releases Apple have released an iOS version of one of their core apps (iMovie, Garage Band, iWork, etc.) -- it follow that they will continue this and I'm hoping we see something photo related today.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll see the death of Ping today.

Tim Cook will be presenting the new information today, his first big presentation gig as new Apple CEO. Break a leg, Tim!

We'll be reporting all of the big announcements as they happen on our Twitter and Facebook streams. Check there for the very latest info. And we'll be posting an analysis of the announcements later in the day.

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