What you need to know about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's big update

Posted by Jessica Famularo on December 11th, 2017
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We hope you've been hard at work on collecting all of those holiday items in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, because you're about to get a whole new list of fun things to do as the game receives its first big update sometime soon. There are a lot of exciting gameplay features that will be introduced, along with some fun new characters. Here's what you can expect from the update.


Gardening was always a fun little feature in other em>Animal Crossing games, and soon your campsite will get its own garden plot. You'll be able to grow a selection of flowers, and you can be a good neighbor and water your friends' plants as well.

Clothing crafting

Clothing crafting will soon give you greater say in your Pocket Camp wardrobe. You'll be able to custom order all sorts of clothing from the Market Place. Expect this feature to be implemented shortly after gardening.

A new, familiar face

It looks like a new classic Animal Crossing character will be joining the likes of KK Slider and Tom Nook. A feline silhouette suggests that Rover the cat will be making an appearance in Pocket Camp.

Friend Frenzy

A new Timed Goal started today and will run through December 21. Befriend 1, 10, and 20 players to earn a generous heap of Leaf Tickets. This includes friends you've made before the goal went live, so if you've already started making friends, you're in luck!

Still addicted to Pocket Camp? Let us know how your campground is doing in the comments.

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