If the Alien franchise taught us anything, it’s that landing on a strange planet at the behest of a faceless corporation is probably asking for trouble. And Eldritch Game’s Deliria doesn’t prove otherwise.

In 2107, Dimension LG7 is rich with Delirium, a powerful element which scientists are keen to exploit. You’re tasked with establishing a mining camp, but upon waking from stasis, discover most of your crew has disappeared and interdimensional creatures are crawling your way.

Deliria is a mix of base-building and side-scrolling adventure. Using the limited resources at your disposal, you’ve got to build and upgrade the defences of your base so it can withstand attack. Meanwhile, track down your missing crewmembers (because it would be mean not to) and hire mercenaries to repel the hostile inhabitants. Along the way, you can collect information about Deliria’s history and the fate that befell the previous miners on Dimension LG7. You can also harness some of the dimension’s power to use against the enemy and ensure the survival of your crew.

Deliria is a short side-scroller with base-building and exploration at its heart. Its hand-drawn graphics and 2D animation add a certain retro charm and comes with a great price tag. For a little slice of indie sci-fi, download it from Google Play and the App Store.

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