WeatherFlow Wind Meter Allows iOS Users to Measure Wind Speed and Direction

Posted by Tre Lawrence on February 26th, 2014
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Ready? Tell me 5 things an iPhone cannot do. Go...

Yep, it's getting harder to find a space that iOS devices aren't used to create solutions for. Add measurement of wind speed and power (via WeatherFlow Wind Meter accessory and companion app) to the "Yes I can" list.

It is a lollipop-shaped accessory with a 3.55 mm end that fits into the iOS device's headphone jack. It interfaces with its namesake app, and when the entire piece (device plus accessory) is exposed to the wind it becomes a functioning handheld anemometer that can measure wind stats. It records in Beaufort Wind Force Scale, knots, imperial units, and metric units. it's great for all sorts of outdoor activities, or simply as an enthusiast tool.

The accessory piece boasts calibration from the University of Florida’s Aerospace Engineering Department, and procured data can be shared via social networks.

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is available from the WeatherFlow website for $34.95, and the companion app is free on the App Store.

iPhone Screenshots

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Wind & Weather Meter screenshot 1 Wind & Weather Meter screenshot 2 Wind & Weather Meter screenshot 3 Wind & Weather Meter screenshot 4 Wind & Weather Meter screenshot 5
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