It’s been a pretty amazing week for hugely popular game Where’s My Water?. It was the app responsible for Chunli Fu winning in the 25 billionth download on the App Store competition, thus propelling the game into the history books.

Where’s My Water? is back in the news courtesy of a new update that gives fans 20 new and free levels of fun to play. The latest chapter, Caution to the Wind, encourages players to create airstreams via fans to move water and solve those pesky puzzles. This update brings the full level tally within Where’s My Water? to an impressive 200.

Hopefully we’ve not seen the last of Swampy and there will be more levels to come. For now though, 20 levels should keep many a fan happily entertained for a while to come!

The update is available now. For those yet to give this addictive puzzle game a shot, this is the ideal time to help Swampy.

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Released: 2011-09-22 :: Category: Games

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