When the iPhone first released, one of my favorite features of the device quickly became its visual voicemail. Frankly, it blows the old-school method of having to dial in to listen to your voicemail out of the water. To this day, iPhone visual voicemail remains one of my favorite features of the phone, although I'll admit it's certainly something I kind of take for granted at this point.

France telecom company Orange today revealed that it will be releasing its own version of visual voicemail for the iPhone in the form of its own app. The app, titled ON VoiceFeed, is scheduled to release sometime in the next two weeks in the US, UK and France and will be available for free on the iTunes App Store.

So, why should you care? Well, ON VoiceFeed does something that Apple's own visual voicemail does not. Using the app, you can record personal voicemail greetings for individual contacts. The app allows you to create your own categories, record a greeting for that category and then assign contacts to categories.

This could be handy for multiple purposes. Consider this. Do you want your boss to hear the same voicemail greeting your friends or girlfriend hears? Probably not. With ON VoiceFeed, you can set up separate unique greetings for whoever you want.

The app even lets you set up a voicemail using text. You simply type the message and ON VoiceFeed converts it to a voice greeting.

Look for ON VoiceFeed to be available for free on the iTunes App Store sometime in the next two weeks.

Until then, check out Orange's trailer for the app below.

[Source: AllThingsD]

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