Viper Announces New SmartStart GPS Accessory That Interfaces With Smartphone Apps

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 18th, 2011
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Directed Electronics, manufacturers of Viper vehicle security products and developers of the Viper SmartStart app, have released a new accessory called the Viper SmartStart GPS. This vehicle accessory, available for $299.99, can be used either as a standalone device, or interfaced with Directed Electronics security and remote start systems to provide expanded access to users' vehicles through the Viper SmartStart app.

Some of the new features included through the Viper SmartStart app include a vehicle locator, which shows you where your car is located, as well as its speed and directed. You can also share your car's location via text, email, or even through social networks. Now, this may seem like a tremendously dangerous use of geolocation in social media, but you can get notifications if your vehicle is moved without your approval. As well, you can check to find out if your vehicle exceeds a certain speed, so if little Johnny has a distaste for speed limits, you can get notified when he's going too quickly for your tastes, and have your belt ready when he comes home to deliver some corporal punishment. These features are available as part of the Secure Service Plan for $5/month.

For just under $6/month, you can add a variety of additional features to the Viper SmartStart app. You can create a virtual 'smart fence' so that if you vehicle leaves the specified zone, you'll be alerted. As well, you can create zones that will alert you if your car enters there. You can also set up schedules for when you'll be notified of all these features. As well, if your Viper SmartStart GPS is integrated with a Viper system, you can access all the standard Viper features, like starting your engine remotely, locking and unlocking doors, popping the trunk, and honking the horn. The 2.2 update that supports these features is available right now for free from the App Store.

Viper SmartStart

iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad
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