Vault is a new app that will keep your photos and videos in a safe place by encrypting them and requiring a passcode to gain access to viewing them. Images are no longer saved as image files, but as encrypted files allowing for the best security of all your photos. Vault also allows users to take photos and record video straight from the app so there is no need to import your files into the app after creating them. Lastly, Vault is available for free or by a $0.99 cent premium purchase.

- Guard: Vault will capture an image whenever an incorrect passcode is submitted.
– Dropbox import: Got important data in the cloud? Keep it safe locally with Vault.
– Direct Capture: Rather have a file secure from day one? Vault allows you to capture video and photo directly inside the app, without need for import afterwards.
– Safe and Secure 5 digit passcode: We’ll only settle for the highest class of security and we believe the 5 digit passcode is the best way to do this…
– Video Playback within the application: Want to watch a video? No problem, with Vault you can play a video directly within the application!