Shared Photo Streams are great, but they’re fairly limited in what you can do with them. Enter PhotoSocial, a new private photo sharing app that aims to put Photo Streams out to pasture.

● Send entire days of photos over text/email instantly via private web link. No login, no download, no hassle – viewable on any smart-phone or desktop. (Your friends do NOT need PhotoSocial to view photos you send.)
● Have friends with PhotoSocial? Send photos directly to their gallery, receive photos back directly into yours.
● Like & comment on photos in private! To use, just pick friends you were with on that day, choose photos to send, and your photos become interactive between just the friends who were there. PhotoSocial brings your gallery to life!
● Uses geo-tag data in your photos to know when you and friends were together, notifies you when you have photos to exchange. (Optional, enabled only with your precise consent.)
● Sharing has never been this easy. Skip other tools that only do half of the job. PhotoSocial is your complete tool for your personal photo collection.

via: AppShopper