Twitpic has provided many regular Twitter users the means by which they can share images alongside their text-based tweets. Now there’s a whole app devoted to the wonders of Twitpic.

The app, cleverly called Twitpic, is very similar to Instagram but more tightly integrated with Twitter. Users can easily share their photos and videos with other followers, while also applying filters if they so wish. Other editing options such as cropping, orientation and adjusting brightness are also included. Other sharing comes in the form of being able to view photo timelines from people the user follows, as well as checking out the most popular Twitpic users.

It is all very much like Instagram but with the huge amount of Twitter users out there, it should form a great new place to check out the latest images of the world.

Twitpic is out now and it’s free to download.

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Released: 2012-05-10 :: Category: Photography

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