Oh the TurboGraphx-16. Here in the states, the TurboGraphx-16 was the distant 3rd wheel in the 16-bit gaming world, being far outsold by its rivals Nintendo and Sony. It had its charm, but the lack of a second controller port, a poor launch bundle title (Keith Courage in Alpha Zones), and an ineffective US marketing campaign doomed it to obscurity.

Despite this lack of love from the US market, a number of great games were released on the system, including the Bonk series, Air Zonk, Bomberman, Blazing Lazers, Legendary Axe, Ninja Spirit, and many others. Fans of the console and its games will be happy to know that they can now get their hands on the TurboGraphx Gamebox which packages many of the systems most popular games into an easily digestible app.

The collection comes with one free app, “World Sports Competition,” and then charges you $2.99 each to play any of the other 15 games (you can try each game out for free for 3 minutes). More games will be released in the future, but the current list includes :

World Sports Competition
Bomberman ’94
Bonk’s Adventure
China Warrior
Dungeon Explorer
Jaseiken Necromancer
Military Madness
New Adventure Island
Ninja Spirit
Soldier Blade
Victory Run
World Class Baseball

At the price point I’m not sure how many games Hudson Entertainment is hoping to sell (especially R-Type, which has its own app for $1 cheaper than the TurboGraphx-16 Gamebox version), but fans of the old system will certainly be pleased with the faithful ports.

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