With the latest update, Truphone is now able to run in the background and also allows the app to make phone calls while multitasking, just as if you are using the built in phone feature. Truphone can now always be on, turning the app into a viable alternative to real cell phone minute usage.

Truphone is a leading VoIP provider that lets you talk for free to other Truphone users, as well as Skype and Google Talk users, over 3G or WiFi. Truphone also sends SMS messages for free and connects with most popular IM providers and Twitter to give you the ultimate platform for sending and receiving messages.

With so many online services out there that people use, it only makes sense to download the free Truphone app that connects to them all. Give it a whirl, especially if you are using iOS4 on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2009-06-17 :: Category: Social Networking

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