We've run all of the numbers through our massive, high-tech, super powerful AI-controlled computer, sent them off to the laboratories in Switzerland for final approval, and consulted our lizard overlords to ensure that we're not treading on anyone's toes, but we can now reveal that the winner of this week's game of the week award is none other than True Surf.

It was the runaway winner of the prize, thanks largely to a big vote from the surfing community. But how good is it, does it manage to capture that feeling of slicing through the waves, and do we think it's a worthy winner of our game of the week award? The answer to that last one is yes, we definitely do. You're going to have to read on to get the answers to the others though.

True Surf comes from a big family of True… extreme sports games designed by True Axis. It's a big step away from the concrete-based fun of True Skate though, as you might be able to imagine.

Instead of replicating feet movements with fingers swipes, here you're controlling the position of your surfer on epic waves. It's all about balance, speed, and pulling off gnarly tricks. But like True Skate, things are far from simple.

The controls see you sliding a finger up and down the screen to point your board up or down the wave. You need to be soft and subtle though, since the sea is a cruel mistress who wants nothing more than to throw you off balance and get you sodden.

It certainly takes a while for things to really click, and even when they do you're still going to be making mistakes. But when you get things right, and slot in under the tube of the wave, or pull off some incredible air, it's almost impossible not to grin from ear to ear.

Surfing isn't easy, it isn't meant to be easy, but replicating that challenge is only half of the battle. True Surf manages to capture it, but also the feeling of accomplishment that radiates from every little success. It's that that makes it a worthy winner of this week's award.

If you want to grab the game from the App Store, you can start that process by clicking right here. And if you're interested in checking out our previous award winners, you just need to click here.

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