True Skate has received an update adding new missions and leaderboard options for a brand new skate park that is now available as an in-app purchase. Additionally, users now have the ability to customize skateboards with their own images.

More Details from the App Store

- NEW SKATEPARK available as an In App Purchase.
- Customize skateboard deck art with your own images.
- Blunt slides now work well on lips and ledges.
- Can now slightly steer skateboard while grinding.
- Option to disable HUD text.
- Option to fade HUD buttons.
- Launch set spawn point menu by holding down reset button.
- Fixed potential In App Purchase verification bug.
- Improved UI flick scroll.
- Springy camera when landing big jumps.
- Higher max limit for True Credits
- New leaderboards and missions for the new skatepark.
- Improved trick detection for flip tricks.
- Various other small changes and fixes.