I love playing those trivia games with the terribly old-school remotes bars and restaurants provide. But the worst part about the trivia at those venues is the lack of players at certain times of the day. TriviaPad gives users that multiplayer trivia experience from the comfort of their home (or anywhere) on their iPads.

The game includes trivia in all kinds of categories like entertainment and sports. The questions are presented to everyone in a room at the same time. Players can chat with the other players they’re playing against while answering questions. The iPad’s large screen is used optimally to constantly display three important windows: chat, the trivia, and score. And, similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, players are given three help buttons that include 50% Joker, Reveal, and Undo.

Players need not be concerned about getting many repeat questions; the database of questions include about 20,000 questions and the developer, SixClicks, is working on more.

The app is currently free. Run and get it before the developers change their minds.

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Released: 2012-04-16 :: Category: Games

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