Imagine walking in Paris, strolling around the city while marking your trail with an old version of EasyTrails GPS or any other trail tracking GPS app. Something really funny happens next to you and you want to shoot a quick video, but you’ll ruin your trail. Bummer. Later on you want to find the best restaurant in the area, but you can’t get out of the app or you’ll lose your trail. Thankfully the food is mostly good in the area, but there’s a decent chance that you end up in some average food spot when the best place in the world is right around the corner. Tracking trails is a fun way to take a walk because you can share the data with others and keep track yourself for later use, but the hassle of being otherwise tech free hurts quite a bit.

Fortunately, with iPhone OS4 and the latest version of EasyTrails GPS, you can let the app run in the background while you take that video and search for that restaurant. If trail tracking is your thing, whether you’re walking around a city, practicing for a marathon, or doing some cross country skiing, EasyTrail GPS may be the app for you.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-08-14 :: Category: Sports

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