It's not the most obvious choice of franchises to make its way to iOS devices but regardless, Total War Battles: Shogun has just been announced, set for release next month.

Promising to be a re-imagining of the popular Real Time Strategy PC game, Total War Battles: Shogun has been designed with touch based gaming in mind. It's a different experience from the PC with elements of Plants vs. Zombies in there through the use of lanes to direct attack and defense. The campaign promises to weigh in at around 10 hours alongside bonus challenge missions and head to head multiplayer which complete the package.

Throughout, experience can be gained in order to unlock new buildings and troop upgrades. So far, there's no sign of microtransactions and hopefully it'll stay that way for the sake of purist strategy gamers keen to enjoy the series on the move.

We'll have more information when we get it but for now, check out the screenshots below.

Total War Battles: Shogun is set for release April 19th.

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