Happy Monday, fellow travelers. We’ve gone and taken the pain out of slogging through price lists – though you may of course do that if you enjoy such things. With such a varied and busy bunch of price drops, it’s hard to focus in on just the sweet ones, the ones you might miss if you do it yourself. There, there. We’re here for you. Here’s what we found today.

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi – Was $0.99, now FREE
With a title like that, how can you go wrong? “Stretch, fling and stick a wad of kung-fu tofu through one hundred levels full of deadly obstacles,” says our reviewer, and we trust him to tell the truth.

Aquamarine HD – Was $0.99, now FREE
Help our hero find her friends and follow her story across amazingly beautiful underwater scenery. This one only runs on iPad 2, so don’t grab it if you don’t have the specs. Still, it’s awfully pretty, right?

Infinity Blade – Was $5.99, now $2.99
While we’d typically wait for an game to go free before recommending it, we’re enamored enough of this one to remind you to grab it at the current three dollar level. This is a bar-setting iOS game, folks, and you’d be crazy not to check it out before it jumps back up in price, as it has been wont to do.

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