Top 3 App Deals for 11/17/11

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on November 17th, 2011

Here we are, at it again, choosing the top app deals to help you avoid slogging through the price drop lists like actors through a rice paddy in a remake of Apocalypse Now. Oh, wait, that kind of went off the rails. Let's ignore that one and move right along to our picks for today.

Alpha Command - Was $2.99, now FREE
Space Invaders meets Guitar Hero meets Match Three. Right? Got that? This game even comes with (wait for it) special Ultra Beam weapon! As well as Spectacular Artwork and Engaging Music! Ok, we know, but it's free and people seem to dig it. We think you will, too.

AiCamera - Was $0.99, now FREE
Here's a unique take on the camera app genre - this app takes a photo whenever the horizon line is level. Snap pictures on the go with this intelligent environmental analyzer, complete with different sound effects and various ways of representing the horizon level. Also? Totally free for a limited time.

PhotoStamps - Was $0.99, now FREE
They're calling this one a half off sale, but we're not gonna tell them that half off of a dollar is fifty cents, not FREE. We're also not going to look this gift horse in the mouth, as putting funny stickers on photos and sharing with friends is something we can all get behind.


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