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Posted by Tony Kicks on November 21st, 2009

Remember the good old days when your dad would want to show off how cute you were. Whenever he could get the chance he'd whip out his wallet and that accordion style photo holder would flop out with a dozen embarrassing photos...well today's kids have it even worse. Think about it, with an iPhone the parents of today can walk around with over a decade of snap shots in their pocket just waiting to embarrass their 25 year old son, I'm not bitter!

To make matters worse, not only can they whip them out at a moments notice but now they can share a copy of them with anyone on the spot simply via MMS or e-mail. If you're not familiar with this, it can be easily done from the Photos application. Clicking on the arrow in the lower left corner of the Album View will bring up 3 options. "Share," "Copy," and "Delete." Next you're able to select up to 5 photos and by tapping on the Share icon you're can choose either "MMS" or "Email." Quick, simple and to the point, right? But what if you have 12 or more photos you'd like to share, is your only answer going back and forth creating 3 separate e-mails? Nope, here's your trick: Copy.

By selecting the Copy option instead of the Share your iPhone will allow you to select as many as you like and paste them in a new blank e-mail all at once. This can be a handy little time saver but there are some restrictions. For starters it won't work for MMS and also the number of photos you can send in a single e-mail is limited by how large of a message your provider will allow you to send. Oh and BTW, this trick does not work with videos either.

Now if you're a parent, go forth and embarrass away with all of those priceless photos. If you're the victim...I mean child in this disastrous scenario well then I'm sorry. But do take some comfort in the knowledge that someday you'll probably be sharing your kid's holograms via text.

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